SMC Pet Floor Plate Mold

SMC Pet Floor Plate Mold

SMC pet floor plate mold could not only make as SMC mold, but also could make as injection mold.
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SMC Pet Floor Plate Mold

What Mold Should I choose?

SMC Compression Mold or Injection Mold?

* Feature of SMC Compression Mold

- SMC is a sheet reinforced thermoplastic material, usually used in large products, and this type of products require greater strength.

- SMC mold temperature is usually between 140 and 160. When designing the temperature system of the mold, special attention should be paid to keeping the temperature consistent throughout the surface of the mold. Temperature uniformity can reduce deformation, improve dimensional stability, and product surface uniformity

* Feature of Injection Mold

- Injection moulds can simultaneously form plastic parts with complex structures, precise dimensions and good internal quality

- Design and manufacturing, whether the geometric shape and structural size are reasonable or not, directly affect the rheological properties and filling effect of polymer melt in the mold channel, and ultimately affect the molding quality of plastic parts

* Plastic Material Use

SMC mold use sheet material, the main raw material consists of GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additive, MD (filler) and various additives.

Injection mold will choose HDPE material, which is thermoplastic resin produced by polymerization of ethylene.

* Price

SMC material pet floor is higher than PE material.

* Product Using Life

SMC material could using 50 years, but PE material may using less than 10 years.

All in all, choose what mold also according to your machine, if you have compression machine, you must be choose SMC mold, or you will choose injection mold.

Floor Plate Application

pet floor-1 0010010 nbsp;Pet Floor

-- 0010010 nbsp;Warehouse Card Board

Plate Characteristic

1) PP/PE material: 0010010 nbsp;

Low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good insulation.

2) Hollow-carved Design

Light and make water, keep the air circulating when the goods are full.

3) Interlocking Design

The bottom is provided with interlock point, more solid.

4) Stitching Design

Assembly and splicing, convenient and fast.

5) Non-slip Design

The front of the plate has a uniform anti-sliding slot

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